Most expensive football tickets in the UK

Football has come a long way ever since it initially took up as a professional sport. With time, bigger stadiums were built. This was done so as to accommodate the increased demand of the people that wished to witness football greatness on the pitch. But there’s another trend that shows up with time. And this is the trend of the steady increase in ticket prices. Back in the day, football bas a game that almost anyone could afford to see live. But nowadays this is not necessarily the case. The tickets for some football games can rise to astronomical levels. Below you will see the current state of the most expensive ticket sale in football in the UK.


The prices

As we’ve mentioned before, back in the day, the tickets were cheaper. But nowadays football has grown to be a huge business. Hundreds of millions of dollars can pass in transactions in a year for a single club. Building huge and impressive stadiums that can take in the ever increasing demand of people that wish to see football – is a pretty expensive thing to do. It requires huge investments of time and money. Moreover, the players themselves are getting increasingly more spoiled. The top players (and even some of the lesser players) are known to get hundreds of thousands of pounds as weekly salaries.

So, the clubs need to find a way to finance all these expenses. And one of the ways in which they do this is by increasing the ticket prices. But if there is another trend at play here – it’s the fact that not all the football clubs can allow themselves to charge huge sums of money for tickets. Only the crème of the crop can charge huge prices. So, it makes no sense to see a club like, say, Burton charge 100 GBP for a single ticket.

If you want to find out what the highest-price tickets are – you need to look at the big names. Clubs like Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Chelsea – are known to charge a big price. But the momentary success of the club needn’t be commensurate with the highest price. So, even though Arsenal is definitely not the top 3 club this season in the Premier League – it’s still the case that this club charges the highest price for a single ticket. And the price for a single ticket to watch Arsenal live on Emirates Ground is astounding 97 GBP. Many people can’t really afford this price. So, it really looks like only the well-off people could afford to watch multiple Arsenal games live per season.

The football club of Chelsea is definitely not trailing far behind. They charge 10 pounds less than their rivals Arsenal – a single ticket for a Chelsea game is 87 GBP. You may be surprised to learn the name of the next in line club when it comes to ticket prices. It’s actually West Ham. This club charges 80 GBP for tickets. Trailing close behind is Tottenham at 75 GBP. Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United charge a lot less than this. Their tickets cost a little more than 50 GBP.

In conclusion

So, there you have it. These are some of the most expensive football tickets in the UK. If you wish to see these clubs at play – then you need to be prepared to pay up.